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How to play Assassin's Creed Brotherhood with Mr DJ repack - Tutorial and Tips

Bellec's first mission was hunting down a pair of assassins who had been stealing from the Brotherhood. Arno responded by doing what he was brought there to do; he had to kill his stepfather and brother, who were planning to betray their Order. Afterwards, he had to avenge his father's death by killing whoever had been responsible for it. [19] Arno Orsini was the first brotherhood assassin inducted into the Paris Assassins Brotherhood


Arno defected from the Assassins after Giberto's death, and joined the Templar Order. He started his own investigation, and then started to speak the truth at the trials of the Templars. He learned that he was actually a descendant of the real brotherhood, and that his friend Thomas de la Serre was actually the last member of the brotherhood. Thomas was killed by the Inquisition. Arno joined the Templar Order and assassinated a couple of prominent members of the order, including the Grand Master Jacques De Molay, ending the Templar Order. He established a new Templar Brotherhood and then started to receive messages sent by the original brotherhood's members, who called for their help. Arno decided that he was going to make a pact with these original members by infiltrating their retreat and revealing the location of the Holy Grail, killing these members along the way. He then attempted to assassinate St. Louis and Mary Magdelene.

Arno joined the Brotherhood and immediately became a part of the Palomino Clan. With the help of his new friends, he established his own Assassins' Den in the Palomino Outpost. He was then sent to Rome to accompany the Assassins there on a search for the Book of Liberty.


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