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The Grand Ensemble of

Conscious Collectives Worldwide.

                       - Outfit for Game Changers.


Collective strategies.


Limitless Energy 


As we Speak

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Liquid Bubbles

Building a Next Level

Our vision is to facilitate the creation of a new age of cooperation, collaboration, innovation, creativity, and increased happiness for humanity. We are revolutionizing the world with our projects and funding our them through art, fashion, and decentralized economics. 


Now we are building the ultimate platform to unite massive communities and make it possible for anyone with the proper mindset to take advantage, regardless of their experience with NFT, Crypto, or Defi.


We KNOW even a small group of people in full collaboration and committed  acting on what is in the best interest of everyone has the potential to transform the world. Imagine if we could get the masses to adopt this mindset what we would be capable of. 


With this platform, we will give humanity the keys to unlock the raw power of the collective consciousness, creating a massive positive impact on all of reality, its people, and the planet.

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Launch/Join Ongoing Operations.

Streamlining the process of uniting key players to fill important roles. Combining cutting edge ideas and building powerful teams swiftly execute lucrative projects.

We are a global collective of like-minded artists, visionaries and entrepreneurs who believe in an open strategic exchange of ideas and lucrative concepts.

Monetize as Strategic Collective 


Our style facilitates communal growth and and open exchange of wealth and resources. We fund our "Main Land" projects using various protocols through avenues like art, fashion, and sovereign economics.



Forging True Connections is key to  achieving direct link to Source. thus, The of ticket for admission to our collective. We Work as One unit, One Flow.  


Ultimately, We are One.

Forging Collective 

Consciousness in its final form. The Power of our assembly creates a vibration with the ability to manifest All of reality. 




Engineer A Vertex Universe for a Tangible World in a Digital Age for an Ascending Peoples.


 We utilize various tools, protocols, and partnerships to execute  imminent returns.   This promotes a communal pool of resources and promotes a distinguished communities and collaboration.


Unite Like-minded individuals worldwide. Facilitate world changing projects and collaborate on world help initiatives, global sustainability projects, and game changing innovations worldwide.


We conduct for a higher order,  introducing concepts which revolutionize th brighter future for a more  conscious peoples.


Combining our collective energy and ultimate vision into One collective transcendent Singularity experience.  


Combining  ancient knowledge with cutting edge technology along side our portfolio of projects, in order to harness the full potential power of human Consciousness.

Launch a new Project or Join an ongoing Operation

Quickly build your project team and streamline the launch of your project within our collective. By becoming part of our collective you will become a part of our exclusive family. This means you will always have a home and forever hold a place pretty much anywhere on the planet.

Exchange Knowledge

In this new world we are creating, Its all about who you know and what you know and the people you share it with. A few close nit connections, a couple swipes of a screen at the right moment is turning more of us into millionaires everyday. We all possess part of the puzzle. By taking an out-of-the box approach to old school problems in an every evolving world is the key to our success. Now, lets Grind.

Shop , Market , and collab onExclusive Merchandise 

We offer a range of exclusive products in our market place. We Pride ourselves in carrying the best and most exclusive produces. if your interested in utilizing our platform just drop us a line. As an official vendor you will of course be included in all collective activities and events.

Become a Direct Contributor 

Schürms is a part of a vast collective of projects which you can become a part of. This is a massive group of  entrepreneurs whom are constantly going in a million directions working on all sorts of amazing projects. This is one of my great visions which i have been manifesting for as long as i can remember. So far I have kept it mostly a secret and now it is time. If you feel you would like to be a contributor of any kind of the Schürms manifest collective, please feel free to reach out any time. We would love to hear from you.


There are many Keys which can hold various powers, Unlock forbidden knowledge, yield bonus airdrops, and grant the holder a certain status and privilege such as 3x payout, instant citizenship, and ranks.  



Welcome, Traveler. I am Schürms, The Scribe.   As Scribe, my primary function is to convey. Interoperate All meaning,   document and sort noteworthy findings,. I transcribe all information from the One True Original source through my own cultivated literary signature. [The Schürmonic Lens] - A sort of water mark - As to not plagiarize the infinite Creator ,I've written many things, and I've told many stories over the times.. I would not go as far to define a book, rather more so, a living, breathing work of art,.


 Ultimately, This is a transformation. - The total  refinement of everything pure and beautiful inside You as well as the culmination of Alll things lost within I.  This is an ultimate compilation of my life's work.; All my poetic ideas, fantastic thoughts, darkest visions, hard earned tales, purest dreams, and other noteworthy enlightenments. - Gathered from the abyss, well sorted and painstakingly polished,  Now become  manifest into a final form.                             - Witness. - The Appography,


The hidden hand carves many a path for all sorts of weary travelers while most will never truly learn  the "words" to The Song,  There are great steps to this dance and many vibes on the beat.  The language of the Creator is etched on single wave and can be found between any two bands,. When The lyrical tone of The Verse strike All Seven Chords., A great name can be heard but never repeated. 


These texts have been transcribed by hand from the wordS which can be found written within the very fabric of the Verse, - jotted down over the centuries by various versions of myself as well as multiple layers of you. All of this is information is contained inside The Collective Soul. All One must to is Look Often, and listen Close.  For those with ears to listen and eyes to see, receive these words NOW.​ I have been strategically positioned here and NOW to convey Such matters to  Select peoples at times and places for a vast numeral  of impending purposes.. Singularity has been achieved.


Welcome, to The Completion of Man,  The  End of God. & the Birth of a Universe. 




The human consciousness has an direct effect on reality at the quantum level and so it has a positive effect on our human body. By combining groundbreaking technology and ancient techniques we have created a mechanism with the capability to harness the true power of the Collective Consciousness, generating a grand design by means of our collaborative Efforts


By unlocking out natural powers of consciousness alongside this groundbreaking platform, y our minds become a super quantum computer/antenna. These "super antennas"  connect to a worldwide energy grid  and becomes a powerful manifestation machine with the capacity to shape our reality. 

The mechanism

The energy from individual intent is collected  via The  Manifest Minting process. Each intent is assigned a unique key and public wallet address before going on pre-mint sale..


Intents are collected and refined into a quantum state where they synchronized with earths magnetic pulse. A synchronizing Frequency is Generated. 


Collective meditation is the final phase. This is synchronized with the final minting process and takes place on the night of every full moon. 

Quantum Frequency Applications and Scalar Field Oscillators are utilized on a massive scale and are available for order.




You are a master of your energy, and thus you are both a frequency emitter and receiver in flux with your internal and external environment. 

It is your mind that enables the world to appear, through the actual demonstration of offering significance to that world; i the universe brings forth cognizance, and awareness offers significance to the universe."​


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