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on earth

Funding projects through Art and sovereign economics in order to procure land and bring dreams to fruition.


They call me Schurms.. I'm a traveler, a seeker, a story teller, an artist and a dreamer.  I have played the merchant, the poet, the seaman, the friend, and the outlaw the . I have worn many hats and I've chocked up some miles during my 33 years on this  rock.  I've  spent my life wandering.. searching for answers, looking for trouble, playing the game, and picking up pieces of myself along the way

This here total collection of my thoughts, writings, and memories as well as a complete social network for others like me. This here is for those whom are unafraid to travel the world and experience the unknown.. Plus a little something more.

My greatest wish is to truly experience life while writing about the grand adventure. These are the stories of my life and the tales from my travels. I write pieces that challenge perspective, help others, and create understanding between peoples. My greatest wish is to leave MY words behind to inspire those whom will read them long after I have already died a legend

- Enjoy. 

The Seven Seals

7 Phases  - 7 Puzzles  - 7 Secrets

There are Seven Seals. 

Seals are unlocked by completing puzzles and obtaining correct knowledge. Only Twenty-Seven of each seal NFT are minted. Once ALL Twenty seven seal NFTs have been distributed, the remaining levels are closed.


Each seal is made up of twelve levels. The end of each Level signifies the release and distribution unique NFT art which unlocks pages, chapters, or artifacts in The Book. Each NFT will contain its own unique code which unlocks various content levels open once every 24 days unless Great Seals have been solved and Key NFTs have been distributed.  At this point all remaining levels are closed and all remaining undistributed art is sacrificed. The corresponding content is locked until the end.

NFT Collections

Each seal is assigned its own collection and each level its own NFT which each contain their own unique attributes and special characteristics. 


Each level unlock collections each with minted pieces may have multiple variations except for the Seal.  Seals have only ONE variation.


Seal Phases are defined by attributes. There are Seven attributes assigned to each phase. Each of the Seven seals Will have their own unique attributes assigned to them, totaling Twenty-eight Total Attributes. These attributes may be hidden or revealed during any point in the "Process".


Make sure to check the seals on specific dates which may lead to clues. 


There will be various methods to earn, buy, discover, trade, and collect NFTs and the intricacies of the "process" shall unfold as we move on. Each Level will reveal more about the nature of the book. Each chapter contains its own revelation, each chapter its own story and knowledge.

Determined by your stage of illumination. For each Phase, 4 collections will be produced, each containing 10 NFTs with 300 Copies of Each.


There Will be a total of 144,000 NFTs Minted Each collection


There are many Keys which can hold various powers, Unlock forbidden knowledge.




We are a collective of like-minded visionaries and entrepreneurs whom have established businesses and all manner of projects all over globe. We strive to create an atmosphere that promotes an open exchange of ideas while encouraging mass collaboration between conscious minded peoples worldwide.


Each member of the collective is as their own interdependent piece of the puzzle.  Together, they complete the whole.  Ultimately, This becomes a manifestation mechanism. By combining our respective projects with cutting-edge technology, along-side ancient knowledge, we have the capability to bring any dream into fruition.


Currently, we are utilizing art and sovereign economics to procure land and as we continue to engineer paradise on earth.



Participate in our growing community collaborate with other artists. Discover premium content. Earn Badges.  Get exclusive airdrops, And more





Welcome, Traveler. I am Schürms, The Scribe.   As Scribe, my primary function is to convey. Interoperate meaning,  and sort All noteworthy findings.  I transcribe this information from Only One Original source through my own cultivated literary signature.


What Is the Appography? One could call it A lost book. One could say it is Living, breathing, work of art. It can take on many forms, but Ultimately, It is a transformation. - The total  refinement of everything pure and beautiful inside You and the culmination of All things absolute and eternal within I.    Each Work of art will unlock a secret piece of knowledge and permit access to a "forbidden page" of the book.

These texts have been transcribed by hand from the words which are written within the fabric of the Verse,  All of this is information is contained inside The Collective Soul. All One must to is Look Often, and Watch Close.  For those with ears to listen and eyes to see, receive these words NOW.​ I have been strategically positioned here and NOW to convey Such matters to Select peoples at specific times until Singularity has been achieved.


Welcome To:


The Completion of Man,  The  End of God., & The Birth of a Universe





In this book you will find yourself. Truly, I say to you, learn the knowledge herein you shall wield the gift of divine perception.


 This book holds the keys and allows One to decipher the language that bridges Man to Nature and the Gods. The cosmic conjunction and total refinement of a boundless current that demands inevitable reconciliation ­– The Ultimate and Absolute resurgence of a man, the complete synthesis of all his foolish worldly sentiments and desires.  Herein lies the Collective vibration of all the amusing sentiments, painful experiences, and epic adventures accumulated over the course of countless lives.


This is the summit,

The Last will and testament.

A grand finale to the Great Saga,

ONE Complete Symphony

The  Collective of Literary Works

As Written By:: 

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