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Who We Are.

We are a collective of like-minded visionaries and entrepreneurs  revolutionizing the world through Art. - global sustainability projects, quantum technology, and sovereign economics. We strive to create an atmosphere that promotes an open exchange of ideas and encourages mass collaboration between conscious minded peoples worldwide.



Global Collective - Artists.


The Collective Consciousness


We harness and refine the entire raw power of Collective Consciousness through quantum coin. This is a sort of manifestation mechanism works by combining our respective projects with cutting-edge technology, along-side ancient knowledge, in order to create the tools and monetary means so that we may procure our own land and space and literally create a, invite only, paradise on earth.
to our clients through the delivery of timely, cost-effective fund administration that combines cutting edge blockchain technology with the most hyped and trending coins. 

Our Collective


Our Lands


Become a Citizen.

There are three ways we make it possible for certain individuals and interested parties to gain membership and earn citizenship to our collective.  By contribution, by collaboration, and by subscription.

1. If you have your own project and would like to become a part of our movement, please submit your idea to our core team, we will review it and get back to you as soon as possible.

2. If you believe you can be an asset and would like to join our team, please feel free to submit your application, and we will review it.
3. We also offer a various monthly subscription with various benefits. All profits from these subscriptions are converted into crypto, placed into a "pool", alongside our magical monetary technology which allows your contribution to gain significant interest over time. At the allotted time, you will receive an official invite to our private headquarters and all your contributions will be converted into Utopium currency, which can be spent at your convenience within any of our various communities or exchanged back into USD.
The choice is yours.
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