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William Franco
William Franco

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just re-read that part. now imagine if the original dracula had been passed off as a chase film. it would have been an intelligent piece of film making (believe me, i know!) but it would not have made it to the screen. not everyone with a feel for the genre could write or act a scene like that.

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what audiences actually thought about the film was affected by the drive to produce movies at a clip and was influenced by a window when the sound film revolution was sweeping the world. this led to movies where they slapped any old picture onto a reel and went to a screening (unsupervised). the film industry in the early 1930s was not yet accustomed to the vast changes that were coming in this part of film history, and the dracula of the time was what is termed a genre character (an archetype defined within a group of characters). dracula is the prototype of this species, whether its the frankenstein monster, the gentleman highwayman or the handsome jewel thief. instead, audiences in the sound era were now getting to associate with the characters and the actors playing those roles. this association was that the pictures they were watching belonged to their world, the world of humans in which they lived every day of the year. so, when one of the guests to lady van helsing s home dismisses the possibility that dracula is real and callously suggests an alternative, the audience may wonder where the hell hes been for so long.

obviously, the film worked for audiences and proved popular at the box-office. the studios latched onto the basic premise of the story and turned the classic horror story into a successful film. the idea of dracula was adapted for many different purposes, it was used as a psychological horror and in another role, it was used as a vehicle for comic relief. the studios also latched onto the idea of dracula as a servant of evil, a defender of order and a first class villain.


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