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William Franco
William Franco

Muat Turun Al Quran Full Ghamdi Free Mp3 Al

manshallah what a great voice sheikh saad ghamdi alawys listing to them alhmd im musilm and i love to listen quran understand .i love you Sheikh Saad Al-Ghamdi you have a great voice...alllahuakhbar

Muat Turun Al Quran Full Ghamdi Free Mp3 Al

Masha'Allah! I love your effor brother! I wish everyone had to listen saad al ghamdi quran in mp3 . so we can promote quran in all over the world easily . mashallah saad al ghamdi have a very very nice and soft voice

Nice one of my favorite saad al ghamdi quran in mp3 audio . It was read and clear voice by saad Al Ghamdi.beautiful recitation by qari saad al gahmdi . when i listen i think heavenly voice mashallah may Allah talah bless him

Saad Al ghamdi have heart touching voice mashallah may Allah give to him in jaanah for his work.Every time I listen saad al ghamdi quran recitation I feel my heart is filled up with the power of eman and this makes me to more close to Allah the most high the most generous.i want to thank you this sheikh saad al ghami and the website owner shokran

i don,t know much about saad al ghamdi . first time when i was watching tv . i listen saad al ghamdi surah rahman . when i listen saad al ghamdi surah rahman me and all my family they lot cry and we ask allah subahn wa Talah to give us mercy mashallah saad al ghamdi has a great great voice when saad al ghamdi recite quran . his voice link to Allah talah jazak Allah brother

i wish to become a reciter like you my dear sheikh saad al ghamdi . my life forever in this Quran. i want to become hafiz e quran just like you my teacher ghamdi . i am trying to listen your ruqyah sharai 350c69d7ab


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