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[S4E16] Look Closely TOP

If you watch Dynasty online, you know Alexis cannot resist stirring the pot, which will probably backfire. On top of that, I wouldn't be surprised if Adam and Fallon told their new sibling they wouldn't be able to have a relationship with her if she was closely aligned with their mother.

[S4E16] Look Closely

If not, it looks like Eva will swoop in and try to steal him. At least Liam won the award after he got the good luck charm from Eva, cheesy as it was. He was definitely thinking about what it meant that she helped him.

RE: My Ellen. I have watched the episode closely and Melissa is NOT wearing braces. Her teeth are reflecting the light from the stage lighting, but there are no braces. She herself said she wore braces during hiatus, but they were taken off during the filming. As a result, it took her seven years to get her teeth where they should be.

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Also carrying over from last episode, Andi got Fatima out of prison. She finally gets ahold of Zac and is looking to use her illegal resources to get Zac out of jail. Robin called in a favour with a judge who owes him but Zac still has to spend the night in jail. 041b061a72


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