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William Franco
William Franco

King Tuff - King Tuff [2012] .zip

Both Midway (I think WB GAmes own their tuff now) and Activision need to get in on the retro scene these days. I don't have much hope for either but Midway Arcade Treasures series was ace on Gamecube. Maybe Microsoft will do some sort of Activision Replay similar to Rare's?

King Tuff - King Tuff [2012] .zip

@Teksetter If you grab the excellent Code Mystics developed collection on the Switch (Atari Flashback Classics), it not only has the 2600 version you're likely talking about, but also the far superior arcade version of Sky Diver.

The arcade division continued afterwards under the Atari Games label and their IP is owned today by Warner Brothers Interactive after their acquisition of the bulk of Midway's IP when the latter went bankrupt and was liquidated. It was them that produced the games you mentioned and many others. So it's WB that's sitting on these and not making them available these days.

@rockodoodle I believe you're thinking about California Games, which was developed by Epyx and released on the Lynx, Master System and NES. Epyx was a third-party developer, but they did make a lot of games for Atari platforms even if they did develop games for Commodore, Amstrad, Apple, Sinclaire and MSX platforms. They were known for publishing Summer/Winter Games, Impossible Mission and Rogue.

@kingbk my guess is a) they weren't approached b) even if they were they would likely have high licence fees compared to what people think they can actually make from them which is why they we haven't seen them on Evercade or Antstream.It's a shame things as the ips they own such as the ones you listed are great. I do wish they'd release their old ips more (Inc Midway ones like Rampage)

But the Jaguar, to my knowledge, was their last attempt at making a console until the VCS came out last year (I don't count the Flashback consoles, since they're basically just the 2600 with games preloaded onto them, and they were made by AtGames).

No disrepect to the fine folks at Code Mystics, but a lot of people came back to work at the "new" Digital Eclipse when they had the chance. There's more vintage DE people working at modern DE than you may be assuming.

Instead to my pleasant surprise I found myself wasting many an hour in those. Super Bug in particular became a bit of an addition for me. Has me looking forward to giving Sprint 8 a try in Atari 50 in a few weeks.

I did however think of another question. Now that the big three are all open to keyboard/mouse support, is there any chance that we'll see the spinner games, paddle games, and track-ball games support such USB accessories? Mouse support would go a long ways towards making games like the Breakout titles enjoyable on here. 350c69d7ab


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