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39 - Google Drive

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39 - Google Drive

Rclone simply stopped working. The desktop showed a gdrive (connected to Google Drive) disk icon but I was unable to see any directory contents either in the console nor in the GUI. This was working fine this morning but by this afternoon it was not. After a reboot it appeared to have sorted itself out but when I tried to access the Google Drive directory from the Pi I got nowhere. I made a fresh back-up of the SD card this morning before doing anything. After encountering this issue I restored the backup image I had made but still no joy.

In March 2017, Google introduced Drive File Stream, a desktop application for G Suite (now Google Workspace) customers using Windows and macOS computers that maps Google Drive to a drive letter on the operating system, and thus allows easy access to Google Drive files and folders without using a web browser. It also features on-demand file access, when the file is downloaded from Google Drive only when it is accessed. Additionally, Drive File Stream supports the Shared Drives functionality of Google Workspace.[92][93]

Google Drive allows users to share drive contents with other Google users without requiring any authorization from the recipient of a sharing invitation. This has resulted in users receiving spam from unsolicited shared drives. Google is reported to be working on a fix.[120]

Cloud-based storage and file-sharing services that can be accessed using a mobile device are also useful for information management, since they allow users to store, update, and share documents or photographs with others without exchanging a flash drive or CD.2,5,6 Most cloud-based storage systems provide users with a few gigabytes of memory for free; additional space often requires payment of an annual subscription.2 Cloud-based information storage provides the additional advantage of permitting information to be accessed instantaneously from multiple devices, which allows people who are collaborating together to share materials quickly.2,5,6

This library is heavily inspired on theozero's' google-spreadsheet. No, I mean, really inspired. As in blatantly copied. The only difference being his library is to operate with google spreadsheets and this one is to interact with google drive.

Encrypt the data no matter what! Sensitive data should not even be sitting within your own network without being encrypted and access control in place. If it's encrypted in the first place you at least have a lot less to worry about in any circumstance. Don't trust someone else to do the job you should have done in the first place and it's more about protecting yourself. Depending on the data you transmit it could be illegal to transmit and store it un-encrypted. And it should never be outside of the company un-encrypted. If you must do something like transport it on a laptop or flash drive, those devices need to be encrypted. You lose the data for improper practices its your fault.

The driver or person in control of a vehicle traveling upon a regular street car route, and proceeding so as to obstruct the passage of the street car, shall immediately upon signal from the person in control thereof, give way thereto.

When a street car has lawfully entered and is crossing an intersection, no driver of a vehicle shall drive upon or across the car tracks within the intersection in front of the street car when there is hazard of a collision. 041b061a72


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