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Lynda - Illustrator For Fashion Design Drawing Flats 2 [NEW]

Learn to draw detailed technical flats, or CADs, for the fashion industry using Adobe Illustrator. This course provides easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions to get you up and running quickly. By focusing on only the tools and techniques needed for fashion, you can generate professional-quality fashion flats in no time. Robin Schneider?a fashion designer and Otis College of Art and Design instructor?teaches you how to easily master the Pen tool as she walks you through drawing shirts, pants, skirts, and blazers. Learn how to maximize the power of Illustrator with Pathfinder, organize layers for quick and easy editing, and create custom symbol libraries. Plus, get tips and tricks to increase productivity and learn to lay out your designs in presentation-worthy line sheets.

Lynda - Illustrator for Fashion Design Drawing Flats 2

Explore the power of Adobe Illustrator brushes to quickly and easily add detail to your fashion illustrations. This course shows how to create and maximize the use of pattern and scatter brushes; make brushes with start and end tiles; and control brush placement relative to the path for greater control. Packed with creative ideas and inspiration, author Robin Schneider's examples are specifically geared toward fashion design use but the techniques can be applied to any design field.

Now, some fashion schools have been making more of an effort to update their digital curriculum in recent years. FIT for example now requires 3 semesters of digital coursework for their Fashion Design AAS, some of which does cover drawing flats in Illustrator.

In her last post, Doctor T reviewed her favorite free and paid drawing apps to sketch digital wardrobe plans with MyBodyModel. Now she shares a step-by-step digital fashion illustration series, Fashion Design Apps for Beginners! In Part 1 of this series, Doctor T shares the basics of sketching clothing designs on her custom fashion croquis with the free drawing app, Adobe Fresco.


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