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Company Epub 15: The Novel That Will Make You Laugh and Think About Corporate Culture

Max Barry Company Epub 15: A Hilarious and Insightful Satire of Corporate Culture

If you are looking for a witty and entertaining novel that exposes the absurdities and hypocrisies of the modern workplace, you should check out Max Barry's Company epub 15. This is a digital version of the bestselling book by the Australian author, who is known for his sharp and humorous writing style. In this article, we will tell you more about Max Barry, his novel Company, and how you can get your hands on the epub 15 edition.

max barry company epub 15

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Who is Max Barry and what is Company?

Max Barry is a contemporary writer who specializes in satire and science fiction. He was born in Melbourne, Australia, in 1973, and worked as a marketer for Hewlett-Packard before becoming a full-time author. He has published six novels so far, including Syrup, Jennifer Government, Machine Man, Lexicon, Providence, and Company.

Company is his fourth novel, published in 2006. It is a hilarious and insightful satire of corporate culture, set in a fictional company called Zephyr Holdings. The novel follows the adventures and misadventures of a group of employees who work in different departments of the company, such as Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Human Resources, etc. They soon discover that their company is not what it seems, and that they are part of a bizarre experiment that tests their loyalty, ethics, and sanity.

What is an epub and why should you read it?

An epub is a digital format for ebooks that stands for electronic publication. It is one of the most popular and widely supported formats for reading ebooks on various devices, such as computers, tablets, smartphones, e-readers, etc. An epub file can contain text, images, audio, video, hyperlinks, metadata, etc., and can be easily customized to suit different screen sizes and preferences.

There are many advantages to reading an epub over a physical book or other formats. Some of them are:

  • You can access your ebooks anytime and anywhere with an internet connection or offline storage.

  • You can save space and money by storing thousands of ebooks on a single device.

  • You can adjust the font size, style, color, brightness, etc., to suit your reading comfort.

  • You can highlight, bookmark, annotate, search, etc., your ebooks with ease.

  • You can enjoy multimedia features such as audio narration, video clips, interactive quizzes, etc., that enhance your reading experience.

How to get Company epub 15 for free or at a low price?

If you are interested in reading Company epub 15, you have several options to get it for free or at a low price. Some of them are:

  • You can borrow it from your local library or an online library service such as OverDrive or Libby. You will need a library card and an app to access the ebooks.

  • You can download it from a free ebook website such as Project Gutenberg or Open Library. You will need to check the legality and quality of the ebooks before downloading them.

  • You can buy it from an online bookstore such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble. You will need to compare the prices and formats of the ebooks before buying them.

  • You can subscribe to an ebook service such as Kindle Unlimited or Scribd. You will need to pay a monthly fee and have access to a large collection of ebooks.

Main Body

A summary of Company epub 15

The plot

The novel begins with the introduction of Stephen Jones, a new hire at Zephyr Holdings, a large and mysterious company that occupies a building in Seattle. He is assigned to the Training Sales department, where he meets his co-workers: Roger, the team leader; Freddy, the veteran; Eve, the flirt; Holly, the cynic; and Elizabeth, the newbie. He also meets Jones, another new hire who works in the Stationery department.

Stephen soon realizes that Zephyr Holdings is not a normal company. He notices that no one knows what the company does, who the CEO is, or why they have a reserved parking space that is always empty. He also learns that the company has a bizarre culture that rewards inefficiency, mediocrity, and conformity. For example, he is told that he has to sell training packages to other departments within the company, and that his performance is measured by how many donuts he eats.

As Stephen tries to make sense of his new job, he becomes involved in a series of events that reveal the dark secrets of Zephyr Holdings. He discovers that his department is in a feud with the rival Accounts department over a missing donut; that his co-worker Eve is having an affair with the CEO's son; that his boss Roger is plotting to overthrow the CEO; that his friend Jones is actually a spy from another company; and that Zephyr Holdings is actually a front for a research project that studies human behavior in corporate environments.

The novel reaches its climax when Stephen and his co-workers decide to rebel against the system and expose the truth about Zephyr Holdings. They hack into the company's database, uncover the identities of the researchers behind the experiment, and confront them in a showdown. They also learn that they are not the only subjects of the experiment, and that there are other companies like Zephyr Holdings around the world.

The characters

The novel features a large cast of characters who work at Zephyr Holdings or are related to it. Some of the main characters are:

  • Stephen Jones: The protagonist of the novel, who joins Zephyr Holdings as a new employee in the Training Sales department. He is smart, curious, and ambitious, but also naive and idealistic. He wants to succeed in his career, but also questions the purpose and ethics of his job.

  • Roger Jefferson: The leader of the Training Sales department, who has been working at Zephyr Holdings for 15 years. He is charismatic, confident, and manipulative, but also frustrated and bitter. He wants to become the CEO of Zephyr Holdings, but also hates the company for wasting his potential.

  • Eve Jantiss: A co-worker of Stephen in the Training Sales department, who is attractive, friendly, and outgoing, but also shallow and selfish. She wants to have fun and enjoy life, but also uses her charm and sexuality to get what she wants.

  • Holly Sturgess: A co-worker of Stephen in the Training Sales department, who is cynical, sarcastic, and rebellious, but also loyal and honest. She wants to quit her job and pursue her passion for music, but also cares about her friends and colleagues.

  • Jones: A friend of Stephen who works in the Stationery department, who is mysterious, secretive, and resourceful, but also helpful and supportive. He wants to infiltrate Zephyr Holdings and expose its secrets, but also respects and admires Stephen.

  • Elizabeth Miller: A co-worker of Stephen in the Training Sales department, who is new to Zephyr Holdings like him. She is shy, nervous, and insecure, but also diligent and eager to learn. She wants to fit in and do well in her job, but also struggles with the pressure and expectations.

  • Freddy Schmitt: A co-worker of Stephen in the Training Sales department, who is experienced, knowledgeable, and reliable, but also complacent and indifferent. He wants to keep his job and maintain his status quo, but also knows that Zephyr Holdings is absurd and meaningless.

Eve's Boyfriend: The son of the CEO of Zephyr Holdings, who is rich, handsome 71b2f0854b


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