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William Franco
William Franco

Na Suytom (I Haven't Slept)

The investigation is still ongoing and Shaw said: "I'm still left in limbo. Hopefully I've got nothing to answer to because I haven't done anything. I've never been in trouble before and it's like I've done something criminal.''

Na Suytom (I Haven't Slept)

Remember, you are not in this alone! Every step of the way, the Office of Undergraduate Research is here to help. If you haven't already done so, please check out our Get Started page for workshops, research consultations, resources, and more!

While routine HPV vaccination is recommended for the prevention of certain cancers that can happen in men, it should be given at ages 9 to 12. However, HPV vaccination is also recommended for males 13 to 26 years of age who have not been vaccinated, or who haven't gotten all their doses.. HPV vaccination is also recommended through age 26 for men who have sex with men and for people with weakened immune systems (including people with HIV infection), if they have not previously been vaccinated. Vaccination at the recommended ages will help prevent more cancers than vaccination at older ages. If you're between the ages of 27-45, talk to your doctor to find out if HPV vaccination might benefit you.

"Things have been going O.K., but I have had a few problems lately that's why I have to have this heart monitor," Torp said, pointing to a monitor that was slung over her shoulder. "They recently put me on some new medication and I haven't had any heart problems since then - it's only been two days though. I go day by day for now." 041b061a72


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