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[S1E13] Wait Hope

It worked having Malcolm shout out orders to JT and Gil "just in case" he didn't make it. And then came the moment between Dani and Malcolm where she tearfully awaited hers, and he had something to say to her, but then he didn't.

[S1E13] Wait Hope


Malcolm Bright: He's not worth it, Isabella. None of them are. You can find peace. Without killing. (Alexandre) Dumas said it best: "All of human wisdom can be summed up "in these two words: 'Wait and hope.

S15E8, "Blowin' In the Wind" - "This episode remains the closest to my heart. In the midst of a massive wind storm taking over Seattle, we follow my character Dr. Levi Schmitt as he rescues the man of his dreams and works up the courage to fully come out of the closet. We get a classic Grey's monologue where Levi bares his heart and shows us how coming into his own, despite it being terrifying, is not about shame to him, but about pride, love and hope. This episode marks the historic beginning of Grey's Anatomy's first gay male relationship between doctors, and also gives us its first steamy gay sex scene. It just so happens to go down in an ambulance! Fitting. Written by Meg Marinis and Directed by Kevin McKidd."

S2E20, "If Not Now, When?" is my one of my favorite episodes of The Resident because it unapologetically tackles issues of racial bias in maternal mortality. The episode addresses maternal mortality in the U.S., but particularly black mothers who are more likely to die from childbirth than white mothers. It's a brave episode that resonated deeply with audiences. It's inspired by the true story of Kira Dixon Johnson. We hope it can inspire hospitals to improve protocol and repair racial disparity."

Salim Hapshass, Klaus Lunettes, and Mimosa Vermillion have dinner with Orsi Orfai and Lily Aquaria in the chapel. Yuno asks how much Asta has been sending them and is shocked by the amount. He pledges to send all of his pay the next time. Klaus tells Salim that they should be on their way. Salim says that they can wait a bit more and asks for some more water. Sister Lily says that she has to go fill the water jar and leaves to head to the well. On her way back, one of the bandits kidnaps her. Hearing Lily's scream and the water jar breaking, the others rush outside but are too late. Yuno volunteers to go look for her but Klaus says that their mission is to protect Salim. Yuno disobeys the order to follow them and instead goes in search of Sister Lily. Yuno makes his way through the forest and defeats each bandit as they get in his way. He finds Lily, who is being guarded by the last two bandits. Abra asks for Yuno's grimoire in exchange for Lily because without it he is useless as a Magic Knight. Yuno refuses and ducks just as Klaus launches a Violent Rotating Lance towards Abra. Klaus tells Yuno that this whole thing was set up by Salim because Yuno beat him during the exams and that is why he did not become a Magic Knight. Yuno thanks both Klaus and Mimosa for their help. Klaus decides to take the bandits to the capital but wonders where the last one went. It turns out that Julius Novachrono had captured the last one and disguised himself.

At the Western Ohio High School Show Choir Sectionals, the students wait nervously as Emma checks them in. Even though they will be performing last, are down an essential team member, and have no coach, they still do their best to keep a positive vibe. Unfortunately, things are about to get a whole lot worse. 041b061a72


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