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Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson

Windows 7 Indigo Ultimate Sp1 X64

secondly, it adds support for the new windows 10 emoji. there are a few hundred new emoji, with a new default font. it's a fairly boring update, but it's nice to see microsoft including more emoji in the windows 10 ecosystem.

Windows 7 Indigo Ultimate Sp1 X64

if you're a windows 7 user, then you're likely to be pleased to see that the upgrade process is a lot smoother than it was in windows 10. all of the changes are well documented, and if you're a bit familiar with windows 7 you'll be right at home. if you're not, you can start with the windows 7 indepth site, and as always it's worth watching the presentation by brad anderson about the changes on youtube. you can also grab the free preview build of windows 7 that's out now (opens in new tab).

windows 7 could be a bit of a slow boat when it comes to updates (opens in new tab), but microsoft is also finalising a few other features that will make life for your pc a bit easier. one of those is the new 'restart' menu, which will let you choose to restart, sleep, shut down, or hibernate your machine. the other is the new windows defender antivirus.

windows 7's security also got some tweaks. microsoft has significantly ramped up its firewall, making it more similar to the firewall in windows 10 (opens in new tab). microsoft has also made changes to windows defender, making it less aggressive about giving you tips and offering advice. we'll have more to say about windows defender in a moment.

finally, a minor tweak, but one that has me very happy. windows 7 now has a new windows media player, which is subtly different, but still takes a similar approach to the media experience. instead of using the old style of media playback, it's now taken a much cleaner approach. you can play media, browse your media library, manage your subscriptions and personalisation. the interface is very similar to windows 10 too, but in the same way that windows 10 has been beefed up over windows 8, windows 7 has also been given a makeover.


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