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Hoyle's Modern Encyclopedia Of Card Games: Rule...

Whist, on which the modern card game bridge is based, is played with a full deck of 52 cards by two sets of partners. The object is to take tricks, or earn points, by playing the highest-ranking card in each round. To begin, all cards are dealt out around the table, one card at a time laid face down, with each player ultimately holding 13 cards. The last card, which belongs to the dealer, is dealt face up and determines the trump suit of hearts, diamonds, spades, or clubs for that hand. The player on the dealer's left begins the play by laying a card on the table face up. Other players then must follow suit. If the same suit is not available in one's hand, a player can lay down a card from the trump suit. Any trump card outranks all cards from other suits. For example, in a round in which spades is trump, if an eight of diamonds is led, followed by a ten of diamonds, a king of diamonds, and a two of spades, the trump card, two of spades, wins the round even though it is numerically lower. If more than one player lays down a trump card, the highest trump card takes the trick. Partners earn one point for every trick that they take after the first six. Therefore, with 13 points possible per hand, the highest score per hand is seven. A game is won by being the first partners to earn seven points.

Hoyle's Modern Encyclopedia of Card Games: Rule...






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