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State Of Decay Update 5 DLC NosTEAM Update

If you are having trouble downloading the brand new update called Homecoming on the Windows 10 store version of State of Decay 2, you are not alone. Countless other players have reported issues with the game installing and downloading the update for the game.

State of Decay Update 5 DLC nosTEAM Update


Update: Thanks to a comment from a user on this guide, we now have a method that reportedly works to get the update to install. In short, if you want the update install, download the xbox game app on your pc and launch the game using it. Once you get into the game, click update the game when prompted and it will take you to the windows store. When you are the store click check for updates a few times and it will eventually make the update show up and allow you to install it.

Xbox users are also experiencing problems getting the update to download or show up, but these issues were reportedly fixed by simply restarting their consoles. Moments later, they would see an update and would be able to install and download it.

Community-made maps were already implemented into the game by Trendy, such as Akatiti Jungle, Palantir and Moonbase. But by the end of 2015, they had given a selection of Defenders a volunteer opportunity to further work on the game. These DD players together formed the Community Development Team of whom would update DD1 over the next four years.

it just simply wont start, unlike the steam version that is running perfect. (slight bug i found tho, the new bone weapon for the northern aliance, the bone short spear is displaying the wrong name)Other than that the update is amazing

Game doesnt work anymore for me after the latest win 10 update. Installs perfect but Start Menu Shortcut isnt there. Nor does the game shows in any of the apps list on win 10. It worked fine in the past. Please help!

@kampfar,,, install the main crack of codex,then at astart menu find state of decay then uninstall the icon,then go to the game and doubble clik on intal app,play from the start menu icon,or u can search in youtube

Hi! i installed it now like you. You have to install it (without the crack!).Then not start it install all the updates (2.0, 2.1, 3.0 and 4.0) giving to each update installer the folder of the game (State of decay 2 NOT Appfiles).Then copy the files from crack folder and put (also replacing) in the appFiles folder.Then do what Dex18xx said before. Open the appfiles folder and open powershell (maiusc +è right click) and write Add-AppxPackage -register .\AppxManifest.xml.Then press start and select the FIRST State of decay 2 app

Updated November 12, 2021 by Josh Davison: While the modding community of the first State of Decay remains vibrant and passionate even after all these years, it would less than ideal to overlook the modding community that has also gotten to work on the sequel. State of Decay 2 mods are just as ambitious and expansive as those available for the first game. The community for this installment is just as eager to improve the game, iron out some of the flaws, and add their own vision to this community-based survival zombie game. To reflect that, this list has been updated to include some of the best mods for State of Decay 2 as well.

NPCs Use Guns Beta comes from modders free8015 and BIZ and uploaded by user luc1dox, and it fixes this by giving NPCs guns and their own unlimited stash of ammunition that doesn't come from the player's own ammo. Admittedly, this mod is labeled as a beta and hasn't been updated since 2014. As such, it's likely to be quite buggy without any improvements likely to be on the way.

The ideal community generator mod will solve this problem and allow you to have a community filled with survivors with the best traits in State of Decay 2. EvilGrin75 made sure that this mod is easy to operate and works well with the latest update of State of Decay 2.

This is by far one of the best mods for getting every weapon available in the game. The modder uses a hidden in-game asset to give you access to over 200 Ranged weapons and over 100 Melee weapons. And that is not all. The cheat building is filled with plenty of resources and the looks keep on changing for every new update.

If you ever wanted to take out zombies in style, but the cosmetic options in Stats of Decay 2 limited you then now is your chance. The WWCC Mod by ZODC137 gives you a variety of costumes at your disposal and the best thing about it is that the mod gets updated on a regular basis so you will always have something new to wear.

If there is a mission involving a zombie that was supposed to spawn in a safe zone, it will automatically break the mission. Since there has been an update that introduced a lot of plague territories, it is important that you expand your homesite safe zone for maximum chances of survival. You can download the mod here.

We use cookies and similar tracking technologies to track the activity on our Service and hold certain information. We offer you the choices below to manage the collection and use of information about you. You can also update your settings at any point in the future via our Privacy Policy.

This update was primarily focused on catching up with some backlogged fixes and improvements. I'm not quite finished catching up yet, but wanted to get the ready-to-go stuff released considering it has been a while since the last update.

Merging the last few features from the devkit into the regular editor is a big step toward improving the experience for mappers. The focus of editor updates can finally shift from fixing the "devkit vs legacy" mess to new tools, features, QoL, etc.

Several updates ago in support for 32-bit Windows officially ended. This was not well communicated in game however because unless the archived 32-bit compatibility branch was installed it was combining the older build with the most recent shared/common files. In order to make this smoother for the meantime the 32-bit Windows version will stay up-to-date, but can only play singleplayer (not multiplayer), and shows an explanation on the main menu. Opting-in to the archived 32-bit compatibility branch allows hosting and playing multiplayer on the older version.

All of the "devkit" volumes have been moved into the regular editor, and are easier to shape with the new box move and box resize tools. Subsequent updates will convert older volume types like safezones to this tool, and add other shapes like spheres.

There are a variety of housing-related rewrites in this update which are part of a first step towards better base building. Future work in this area will include building downward, claim flags automatically covering the entire connected house, replacing the crafting system, and more!

Update_Shutdown_Warnings: after an update is detected the server will wait for the longest of these durations to notify players before shutdown. For example if the longest time is 2:30 the server will broadcast in chat 2 minutes and 30 seconds before the shutdown.

These options are most useful in conjunction with a script that updates and restarts the server in a loop. For example this Windows .bat script can be placed in the steamcmd folder to infinitely update and restart the server:

This will be one of the last updates with 32-bit Windows support. According to the Steam hardware survey 32-bit Windows is approximately 0.22% of players. The final update with 32-bit Windows support will be sometime in early August, and will also remain permanently available on a Steam beta branch for anyone returning to the game on a 32-bit PC.

Unturned is currently using Unity 2019 LTS. Upgrading to 2020 LTS seems to be stable now and fully backwards compatible with existing content. If you would like to give it a try it is on the "unity-2020" beta branch, though there are still some known issues to fix next week. Assuming there are no unexpected surprises *fingers crossed* it should be in the next update.

Following feedback on the scope zoom and sensitivity fixes in the previous update: we should now have the best of both worlds! A new "Sensitivity Scaling Mode" option has been added to the Controls menu. The default "Focal Length" option is new, and should perfectly adjust the sensitivity according to the perceived size of enemies on screen. I would recommend at least giving it a try, but if you want both the zoom levels and sensitivity to be reverted to how they were before the previous update you can choose the "Legacy" option. Alternatively the "Zoom Level" choice is available which preserves the behaviour of the previous update.

After the character movement update it became more difficult to climb down ladders, so at long last you can optionally press the Interact key to mount at the point you are looking! Hopefully this reduces the number of hospital visits caused by jumping to climb down. Walking into a ladder to climb is also still supported.

100% is a balance between performance and quality. It was the intended maximum in the first of these updates, reducing the draw distance from its previous insanely high value. 50% is available for some lower-end hardware, but players at the maximum network distance will be slightly within the fog. 200% is available for higher-end systems.

The problems using teleporters since the previous update were an embarrassing mistake. When it was first reported I included a speculative fix in the .1 patch. Or so I thought. After much testing on different maps, with 250ms fake lag, with forced low server tickrate, etc., unable to reproduce it I realized the fix did not actually make it into the .1 patch, but I had been testing using the fix. Sorry for all the trouble!

Improved "missing barricade/structure (guid here)" kick message for hosts experiencing the error frequently after this update. Previously the client could not show the name of the missing asset because, well, the asset is missing/unknown. After the .1 patch the client will notify the server of the missing asset, and from there the server can kick for one of two reasons:




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