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William Franco
William Franco

Dark Deception Chapter 3-PLAZA ((FULL))

the next section of the maze will be generated, and will first have you face off against a handful of high horror snowmen, and the charming stranger. after this the detective will encounter the rest of the reapers nurses and jay jay gang, followed by several other horrors, leading to the final confrontation with malak. malak is arguably the most versatile of all the nightmares, as he can seemingly absorb any foes around him, and even trap you for later use. be careful with malak, he's tricky as he makes you lure him in a direction he's expecting you to go, only for you to follow an unexpected path, and experience a nasty surprise.

Dark Deception Chapter 3-PLAZA

however, after successfully dispatching all of these foes, malak appears on the horizon, and begins to make his move. once malak has distracted evans, he begins to absorb his foes, and drops them one by one. the reapers nurses and the others, whom you managed to defeat in this stage are now forced to watch their leader slowly be devoured by the dark lord, while you are left exhausted, and weakened, and totally vulnerable. once malak has absorbed his rivals, he begins to appear in the sky over the parking garage, which will allow him to absorb every single one of the other foes, except for heather. malak then unleashes a powerful attack to send evans flying off to the other side of the parking garage, causing damage to the detective who lands on a roof, where heather finally comes to his aid, and carries him safely to the other side of the parking garage. once you finally make it to this side, you will find yourself in the final area of the maze, which is also a familiar sight to you at this point.




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