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Free Printable Murder Mystery [BETTER]

The rest of the information you need to put the game together is contained in the main game. Before you buy it, please check that your software and hardware are compatible with ours by printing out the free, downloadable, printable version of this document.

Free Printable Murder Mystery

Creepy murder mystery party set in an old lunatic asylum for 7-10 guests, ages 15 and up for difficulty. A 5 player expansion pack is available. This is an excellent choice for a spooky Halloween murder mystery party! This is the instant download upon purchase version of the game - no waiting, no shipping fees! Easy to host, easy to prepare.

You will receive a host instruction file, printable file, and a solution file. The free invitation and pre-game site link are below, under helpful links. If you prefer a boxed set (party pack), you can click on the link to have our staff prepare the kit below, under helpful links.

My Clued-In Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt is one of my most popular games, so this Christmas season I decided to give it a little Holiday spin and I created the Clued-In Christmas Edition. Again No board, No scripts, no complicated set-up - JUST GOOD FUN FOR ALL! This murder mystery takes the classic game of Clue off the board and into a interactive scavenger hunt where players compete to be the first to discover who killed Santa's head baker Georgie Gingerbread, what weapon they used to do it with, and where they hid Georgie's magic hat that brought him to life in the first place.

All the local conventions are over for the season. Halloween gives you another opportunity, but does it really showcase what you want? What the heck am I talking about? Dressing up in your custom made Star Wars costume of course. You spent time on it and you need another reason to pull it out and show it off. Well if you're going to play a character you might as well play a game while you do it. So we built a free to play murder mystery dinner with a Star Wars theme.

On the Outer Rim of the galaxy sits the lonely ice planet of Hoth. 8 seeming strangers have gathered in the only Cantina on the planet for one reason or another. Where fate intervened to bring them together, dasterdly deeds have locked them in until the mystery is solved. Someone is dead and the murderer is still inside the Cantina. Can you figure it out or will you accuse the wrong person and let the killer escape?

One of the problems with a lot of murder mystery dinner parties is that they assign gender roles and you are either restricted on who to invite or you have to find people willing to play opposite genders. With the Star Wars style naming the player characters remain gender neutral so they can be played by either men or women with ease. This way you can invite exactly who you want to your party without any issues and re-assign roles if people can't make it with ease. If more people want to show up to play you can always have background characters lurking about in the Cantina, but the game is set with 8 required player characters (you + 7 of your best Star Wars friends).

This mystery-style game is not based on murder but on the premise of a thief that has gotten a hold of party goods. Kids are sure to have plenty of fun figuring out the real culprit among the five suspects.

No list of mystery games would be complete without Clue, the original murder mystery board game which has been a family favorite for decades. Featuring six game markers, various weapons, and challenge cards, it's the perfect game for older students to develop deductive reasoning skills.




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