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Robert Anderson

Malgudi Kathalu Telugu Serial Videos HOT!

send me yr email idi can some of link which u wants and may be useful to u.i m great lover of old doordarshan serials.i m in chance to purchase that all videos.y r right IT WAS GOLDEN DAYS.

Malgudi Kathalu Telugu Serial Videos

Hi,Please help me find Ek tha rusty, School days, Aashish & Ghutan..the list is endless.Those lovely days would never come back.However, we can relive those lovely moments by watching these serials again.Would be grateful if you provide these videos.Thanks

Hi All,I am a big lover and big fan of Doordarshan old serials. Those were awesome and very much useful for daily life and were completely message oriented.It would have been a great thing if Doordarshan repeats all the serials again as they have been already super duper hit at that time. I have grown up with only Doordarshan serials and still love the DD channel very much. No channel till today can match the DD programmes how much ever the technology has been improved.I request the DD people to please repeat all the serials once again and surely all the people will enjoy watching.Please anyone share the videos available address for purchasing. I want all the serials episodes for purchase.Please mention the same.




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