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Christmas Gift Ideas For 5 Yr Old Boy

The best gifts for five-year-old boys are unique, special, and interactive. Boys at this age are learning a lot about the world around them, venturing out to kindergarten for the first time, and gaining a lot of independence. Choose one of these great gifts for the special boy in your life, and you can be sure they will love it and play with it all year long! Below we also share some tips to follow when it comes to choosing the perfect gift.

christmas gift ideas for 5 yr old boy

When choosing a birthday gift, select something that will provide a fun, engaging experience, while taking his unique personality into consideration. Most boys would love gifts like toy cars, soccer balls, and age-appropriate but challenging building sets.

Do you have a budding scientist on your list? If so, then a kid-friendly microscope is a good call for gifts for 5 year old boys who have everything. The Geo-Safari Jr. Talking Microscope features a double eyepiece to make focusing easy and includes 20 specimen slides. For increased interactivity, this talking microscope is multilingual and includes two modes of play: Fact Mode and Quiz Mode.

Some 5 year old boys are total rock hounds right out of the gate. Regardless of their level of interest, mining kits are great gifts for 5 year old boys who have everything. With the National Geographic Mega Gemstone Dig Kit, kids can unearth 15 gemstones and crystals from a plaster rock and then identify them using the 16 page, full-color mineral identification guide. Who knows? Maybe that 5 year old is a budding geologist, making this a great way to encourage STEM learning while having fun.

When considering gifts for 5 year old boys who have everything, know that there are ordinary bike helmets, and then there are extraordinary bike helmets. Available in 10 different colors and designs, the Raskullz Mohawk Bike Helmets ooze personality. Your 5 year old will turn heads whenever they wear their helmet on their wheeled adventures.

Walkie talkie sets are great gifts for 5 year old boys who have everything. Multi-situational fun, Walkie Talkies are great for indoor and outdoor play, slumber parties, camping, hiking, exploring, and even child wrangling. This might be as much a gift for the parents, as it is for 5 year old boys. Vox Walkie Talkies come in bright colors and boast an audio range of 2 miles. This toy is handy and perfect for kids.

Sometimes, you have to think outside of the box when considering gifts for 5 year old boys who have everything. If that 5 year old is interested in cooking and culinary pursuits, check out the Creative Kitchen Junior Chef Set. A handy life skill to teach early, cooking is a great way for kids to develop healthy eating and encourages independence. The Creative Kitchen Junior Chef Set includes 35 dishwasher safe utensils, a recipe book and apron.

You can make the Creative Kitchen Junior Chef Set a twofer as far as gifts for 5 year old boys who have everything are concerned by adding an Amazon Prime Video subscription to Top Chef Jr. A 5 year old boy with a budding interest in cooking will likely relate more to the aspiring home cooks who leave as accomplished young chefs in this made for kids reality television show.

Kids can reenact their own Cars movie with the Hauck Lightning Pedal Go-Kart. Built with child-oriented ergonomics and safety features, this pedal cart will help kids build endurance, strength and coordination. Sure to excite young racers, these are great gifts for 5 year old boys who have everything.

There are TONS of great ideas through the post below, but if you want to give a simple gift that will keep on giving and provide plenty of on-going opportunity for your child to tinker, create, and explore their world, gift a KiwiCo activity box monthly subscription or an Amazon book box. (If you are outside the United States, that link may automatically redirect to your country's Amazon store and display literal boxes to store books in, as the Amazon book box reading club currently only exists in the US.)

One of the most thoughtful gifts we received when our first child was born was a subscription to Babybug magazine, which morphed into Ladybug and Spider as she grew. Not only does she look forward to receiving mail every month, but magazines such as these that are low on fluff and high on quality give a child a on-going dose of fun education and encourage their literacy skills!

Whether it's a toiletry bag to keep their toothbrush in the next time they spend the night at Grandma's or a backpacking backpack all their own, having their own travel bag or supplies for on the road gears children up for adventure and helps assuage fears of the unknown by fostering independence. If you've traveled away from home before, perhaps slip a few photos from the trip into the gift as well.

One of my daughter's absolute favorite gifts of all time was when my sister, who lives abroad, gave her the Christmas gift of sending her a postcard once a month for the following year. My sister was intentional in choosing cards with fun images that reflect the place where she lives and my daughter still treasures each of those postcards. Kids love getting mail and it provides a wonderful, on-going connection between the giver and the receiver.

Help your child begin to learn important budgeting and saving skills by giving them a piggy bank. We especially love this one that has separate compartments for spending, saving, and tithing (sharing). You can seed the piggy bank with a cash gift too if you so desire!

A good story enlivens the mind and inspires discovery. And sometimes it's just nice to hear a story rather than read it, especially when it's read by a master storyteller. Give your child a gift they can curl up with over and over again. Some of our family favorites include the Classical Kids series, The Children's Homer, The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey, the Magic Tree House series, and any of the books from The Chronicles of Narnia.

We tend to like our audiobooks on CD (as is evidenced by the links above), but we also use Audible as a way to share audiobooks between devices and for easy listening on the go. You can check out Audible in two places: click here if you'll give Audible as a gift to someone else (so they'll choose their own books and their subscription will end after a specific length of time) and click here if you want to get Audible as a gift through your own account (the subscription will keep going until you cancel it, you can choose the titles, and you'll be able to share it within your own family and devices).

Whether blank, filled with photos, or gifted with a small camera, a photo album helps create the story of one's life. Whether the child uses it to tell the story of a single event or the events of their life, this can become a treasured item for years to come.

Give a gift that will help your child observe and interact with nature on a regular basis. A few ideas include a butterfly garden to watch caterpillars morph into butterflies (you can order them here), a bird feeder + bird seed + bird field guide (like this one), a bug house, or even just a magnifying glass, a pair of binoculars, or a telescope. If your child or grandchild loves to really get in and study things, a high-quality kid's microscope also be a great gift (for studying puddle water, of course!).

It has surprised me over and over, but some of my kids' favorite presents have been their own tools to use in the kitchen when they help us cook. Invest in simple-but-sturdy whisks, wooden spoons, measuring cups, and measuring spoons. These can also make superb stocking stuffers if you feel they're too small a gift to give on their own. (We were just introduced to this simple set, which looks fantastic but we haven't tried it out yet.)

Whether it's a calendar with kittens on it or a homemade calendar with family photos, a calendar provides a sense of connectedness to what's going on in the family. This can be an especially fun gift for kids in the 6-9 year old range who are starting to develop a sense of longer time periods and who want to KNOW how long it is until vacation starts or when someone's birthday is or when a certain friend is coming to play.

Depending on the age of your child, this may or may not be an appropriate gift, but if so, introduce several charities to your child. Include organizations that work in your area (such as a food bank), that do work that is important to your family (perhaps, planting trees in deforested areas), or that your child would find intriguing (say, provides school supplies to low income kids in your community). Let the child choose a charity and give a gift in your child's name to that organization. Deliver the gift in person, if appropriate.

Again, these are waaaaaaay more fun to do as a family than all alone, so find a few puzzles that can be done by people of all ages in your family (or work multiple puzzles at multiple levels). Choose puzzles with designs of special interest to the child who will receive the gift. White Mountain Puzzles and Cobble Hill puzzles offer some particularly creative, high-quality puzzles.

This might sound a little bit like a let-down, but my daughter's favorite recent gift was a pair of mittens. These particular mittens were knit in Nepal that not only are crazy colors she loves to show off on the playground, but are part fingered gloves and part mittens. For her, she gets to show off her sense of style while still getting to play on the cold metal trick bars in freezing weather. For her, total win.

There are subscription boxes popping up all over the place these days, and personally, I think they're wonderful. This may be #36 on the list, but it just might be my #1 non-toy gift idea for kids!

Whether you want to fuel your child's love of discovery with science boxes, inspire their creativity with an art box, or engage them in the larger world with geography-based activities, subscription services that send a box once a month with project supplies like KiwiCo, Green Kid Crafts, and Little Passports are a FANTASTIC gift that keeps on giving.




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