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Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson

Command Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising Ke St... !LINK!

With the Empire officially defeated after Forever Sets the Sun, the Allies occupied its territories and installed a puppet government under the leadership of Crown Prince Tatsu, who survived the battle in Tokyo. However the Allies had not yet disarmed the Imperial military, allowing the surviving Shogunate leaders Shinzo Nagama, Kenji Tenzai and Takara Sato, to rebel against Tatsu. Shinzo was identified as the main leader, located at his ancestral home in the Shin Iga province, where he was believed to be seeking spiritual guidance but was actually rearming. To prevent a successful uprising, the Allies commissioned their best field commander and his intel officer Lt. Eva from the last war to assist Tatsu in quelling the insurgency.

Command Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising ke st...

By now Shinzo was alerted to the Allied presence and immediately sent waves of his forces against the Allied commander, which mostly consisted of infantry but also the occasional naval bombardment. Tatsu granted the commander a small squad of Archer Maidens and Imperial engineers to neutralize the multiple dojos that were responsible for Shinzo's main attacks. Once the Allies captured the dojos, the commander made use of the new Harbinger Gunships and quickly eliminated Shinzo's secondary base supplying the naval forces. 041b061a72




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