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Paediatrics And Child Health ((INSTALL))

Paediatrics & Child Health contains peer-reviewed material and CPS position statements and practice points, covering a range of clinical and public policy issues in child and youth health care. Its mission is to advocate for the health and well- being of all Canadian children and youth and to educate child and youth health professionals across the country.

Paediatrics and Child Health


Paediatrics & Child Health reaches 8,000 paediatricians, family physicians and other child and youth health professionals, as well as government officials who are involved with health policy in Canada.

Methods: A retrospective chart review was conducted using data from November 2011 to October 2016. All infants with persistent hypoglycemia past 72 hours of life were included. Data included age, critical sample values, anthropometric measures, and maternal health. Descriptive statistical analyses were performed as was an interrupted time series analysis assuming a Poisson distribution.

This comprehensive programme is based at UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health (UCL GOS ICH). As a student, you will benefit from the unique position the institute occupies within UK paediatrics. We bring together strong links to Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children with our setting within the powerful teaching and research environment of UCL.

Medically qualified applicants should have post-qualification experience in paediatrics or child health.Non-medically qualified applicants should have an upper second-class UK bachelor's degree or an overseas qualification of an equivalent standard, and experience of working in hospitals, community child health or public health services for children and families.

The Paediatrics and Child Health: Global Child Health MSc aims to provide an opportunity for graduates from medicine and related fields, to study global issues in child health. You will build an awareness of current and future developments in paediatric medicine and global child health and gain the skills necessary to critically appraise practice and policy, and undertake independent research if the full MSc is taken.

The programme is intended for doctors in training or related professionals who are currently, or are planning to, work in paediatrics and child health in a global setting and who wish to specialise in research and evidence-based practice in paediatrics.

The UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health pursues an integrated, multidisciplinary approach to enhance understanding, diagnosis, therapy and prevention of childhood diseases. Our research and educational portfolio cover a broad range of paediatric issues, from molecular genetics to population health sciences. Our structure facilitates interdisciplinary work.

This programme prepares students to be future leaders with high-level organisational and management skills together with the ability to incorporate research and evidence-based practice into health services for children. 041b061a72




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