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Buy Backgammon Board Game _TOP_

Just wanted to drop a line to express my appreciation for the outstanding customer service you provided to me during my backgammon board purchase. I appreciate your attention to the issue I had and specifically your efficient and friendly service. The board is absolutely beautiful! Since our transaction I have recommended GammonVillage to other gamers because of your fine products and most importantly the great service! Thanks again!

buy backgammon board game

We have hundreds of top quality products at unbeatable prices from around the world. Buy backgammon sets, mahjong sets, chess, dominoes or other board games from our online store. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Every Alexandra Lllewellyn purchase is beautifully gift-wrapped and dispatched in packaging designed to protect and enhance your new game. If the order is a gift, you can write a gift note at checkout. We will remove any paperwork stating the price.

For 75 years, Crisloid has designed and manufactured the highest quality classic games in the industry. Based in Providence, Rhode Island, we pride ourselves in building American-made products for satisfied customers worldwide.

Sondergut's ingeniously clever roll up board game is manufactured using quality materials & craftsmanship. Our travel board games are the best choice for traveling backgammon, chess, & checkers players around the world.

My husband and I have played 10+ games of backgammon daily for the last 30 years. This has been the perfect solution for us to take with us while traveling because it's lightweight, compact and doesn't take much space in our suitcases. It's the perfect travel size-- not so small that your fingers have to work to grip the markers like some travel size games. It is a beautifully, well-made product that will last us a lifetime.

This is the Cadillac of travel backgammon sets. The board is made of soft and luxurious suede and the pieces are uniform and sturdy. They perfectly fit in the pouch and roll snuggly into the size of a compact umbrella. A must have for any serious backgammon player.

Founded by Geoffrey in 1958, Geoffrey Parker luxury games, named after its founder, was the passion project of Geoffrey. In 1958 he created and sold his first miniature poetry & literature books. Shortly after he was noticed for his skills in leatherwork and soon progressed to chess and luxury board games; since then the company has grown to become a third generation family business famous for our high quality, professional, luxury backgammon set, luxury board games and games tables handmade in England.

Our talented team are masters in their craft, while we specialise in luxury board games, we have been approached to make other leather goods as our team are specialists at creating near invisible joins. Did you know it takes between 5-7 years to train our craftsmen and women to our high standards. Geoffrey had a passion for high-quality leather products; each member of the team holds themselves to these same standards.

We won't ever share your details. We'll keep you up-to-date with all that's happening at Geoffrey Parker, from special offers to stock items and limited edition luxury backgammon boards.

The rules of the game are simple - the players alternately throw the dice and move the checkers in accordance with the points dropped out, pass the checkers a full circle around the board, into their home and throw them off the board. But the game is simple only at first glance - you need to correctly calculate your moves in order to come to victory first!

The Nine Fair game tables are handcrafted out of Walnut (darker wood) or Cherry (lighter wood). These heirloom conversation pieces are lined with woven raffia and hand-painted with custom designs. The playing surfaces are finished with a water resistant seal to protect the table from wear and tear.

One side of the table top features a backgammon playing surface. We will work with clients directly to come up with custom point colors and central motifs for the artwork. The opposite side features a chess/checkers board.

Jessica made the entire process from creation to delivery so pleasant and easy. She was helpful and accommodating with the design of the board. She listened to my vision and gave pointers along the way. My family and I will cherish the board for generations to come. I can't recommend Nine Fair enough.

The Regency Chess Company is proud to offer customers one of the most respected and comprehensive collections of backgammon sets for sale in the UK. Painstakingly crafted by some of the most well-respected manufacturers in the industry, including the world famous Dal Negro gaming company of Italy, our wide selection features backgammon sets of all shapes and styles, from smaller magnetised travel sets to our beautiful deluxe Luxury editions. Whether you're a longtime lover of backgammon or someone new to the game, you're sure to find a set to fit your needs.

Whether it be chess or backgammon, Regency Chess Company consistently outperforms competitors through its fanatical dedication to offering high-quality products sold at affordable prices. We have already become very well known for our superb quality chess sets, now we are becoming famous for our range of Backgammon sets too. We utilize only the finest materials for our backgammon sets, and guarantee that each set will not only possess the exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail you've come to expect from Regency products, but will also be built to last and sturdy enough to endure years of rigorous use.

Additionally, owing to our experienced staff of master craftsmen and numerous professional partnerships with game manufacturers, we are able to offer these wonderful backgammon sets at some of the lowest prices possible. All of our backgammon sets are currently stocked at our centralised, UK-based warehouse and are available for immediate worldwide shipping at reasonable rates.

We also pride ourselves on the depth and breadth of our collection, which contains backgammon sets of every conceivable model for any conceivable occasion. We offer decadent Luxury Backgammon Sets that can stand as works of art in their own right and our popular Economy line has been praised for its affordability while still maintaining a level of quality that outstrips competitors. Truly, when it comes to quality backgammon sets that are both beautiful and functional, Regency is the only answer for the serious customer.

Buy your Backgammon set from us and have it delivered to your London address within twenty four hours. Our Competitive next day shipping service means you can choose from the best range of sets and save on tube fair and shoe leather. You won't find a range of backgammon sets this good on the high street. Order from stock today and receive it tomorrow.

Our elegant line of Luxury Backgammon Sets contains some of finest workmanship ever seen in gaming boards and has been praised throughout the industry for its classic designs and superior construction. These sets may cost a little more than our other lines, but backgammon aficionados everywhere will truly appreciate the world-class craftsmanship that has gone into their creation. We have even partnered with legendary gaming accessories manufacturer Dal Negro of Treviso, Italy to bring you a once-in-a-lifetime signature line of Dal Negro backgammon sets, available in soft leather or breathtaking walnut and briarwood. In addition to being eminently functional and able to withstand the rigors of endless hours of play, these sets also make wonderful display pieces for a game room, den, or study.

For those seeking something simpler in their backgammon board, we also offer a full selection of Economy Backgammon Sets that retain our high standard of workmanship while emphasizing affordability. Our Economy line uses quality woods and plastics to craft sets that are sturdy and functional. Available in multiple sizes and styles, these economy sets are a fantastic way to introduce someone new to the game, and their lightweight yet solid construction insures that they will remain a steady source of enjoyment for years to come.

We also offer a complete line of Travel Backgammon Sets for enthusiasts who want to take their love of the game wherever they go. These sets are constructed with portability and durability in mind, so you can be sure that they can withstand the rigours of travel and won't be a burden come packing time. Constructed from lightweight plastics and pliable woods such as Alder and Birchwood, these compact sets can be as small as 7-1/2 inches and fold to allow for easy storage. Many models also feature magnetised boards and stones, so you won't have to worry about losing pieces or having a bumpy ride ruin your game.

The UK's most comprehensive range of backgammon sets are available at competitive sales prices and with next day delivery. Our Backgammon sets are imported from a range of countries but all warehoused in our UK based premises for immediate dispatch. If you are based in the UK and demand the best products and service then order your backgammon set from The Regency Chess Company.

Backgammon boards have typically been made of wood and these days the vast majority of them are of the folding case variety. In fact there are very few actual Backgammon boards, as in flat non folding flat boards, available these days. We do sell one completely flat board, a huge product that is difficult to store. Instead the most popular type of backgammon set is the classic folding case, with the stones, holders, dice and dice shakers all contained inside. These are typically wooden or faux leather and come in a variety of sizes. We only stock sets from the worlds finest manufactures of Backgammon including Dal Negro from Italy. 041b061a72




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