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[S1E4] Bus Stop !!BETTER!!

Things are looking up briefly, but that changes once Allie pulls over to a bus stop, telling Chuy he can take his money and leave. This angers Chuy, who pulls his gun and forces Allie out of the car. After burning his bridge with Enrique and getting mixed up with Allie, Chuy is now in major trouble in America and Mexico, making it even more difficult for him and his daughter. As Chuy forces Allie to hand over the car, he learns about Chuy's daughter, saying he didn't know about her.

[S1E4] Bus Stop

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This further angers Chuy because it proves that Allie didn't see him as a person; he saw him as a means to an end. With Allie being so against American capitalism, Chuy perhaps says one of the most hurtful things to Allie, calling him the embodiment of America since he thinks he can use others and buy his way out of any situation. Allie is shaken, peeing himself while Charlie debates pulling his gun on Chuy, but he never does. This allows Chuy to take the car and leave in hopes of finding his daughter, and the Foxes are left alone at a bus stop. They still have their own connections in Mexico, but with enemies from both countries, no car and limited resources, things aren't looking bright.

At the bus stop, Mr Bean tries his best to revive a heart attack victim before using an ambulance to jump-start his own mini-car. Later, when posting a letter, he loses his only stamp, but that doesn't stop him from sending his letter on its way. Whilst preparing for his holiday, Mr Bean demonstrates a novel (if not entirely efficient) method of packing, then disposes of a bothersome train passenger, and tries to entertain an airsick boy during a plane flight.

When Mr. Bean has to wait a few minutes for the hairdresser who's called away by the telephone, he starts playing barber, so three consecutive costumers have their hair done by him, but his inverse Midastouch strikes again: woe their hair and the real hairdresser they complain to! Next he goes to a pet show, starting of by cheating at a dexterity game by unplugging the fault-detection and next deciding to play 'hit the headmaster' not just with the provided wet sponges, but wit anything not too heavy for him to lift; then he enters his teddy-bear for the obedience test (meant for kids' dogs). In the train station he stops at nothing to get on without a ticket, and succeeds as a crawling sack of post - but on which train is he carried?

Stan's new dog Sparky follows the boys to the bus stop one morning. Stan believes Sparky to be the toughest dog in South Park; but, when Sparky suddenly jumps on top of another male dog and begins humping him energetically, Cartman declares that Sparky is homosexual. At football practice for the school's team, the South Park Cows, Stan's Uncle Jimbo and his friend Ned show up and ask Coach Chef whether the boys can beat the betting spread of 70 points for the Cows' game against the Middle Park Cowboys. Impressed by a play from Stan, who is the quarterback and star of the team, Jimbo and Ned go to a bookmaker, where Jimbo bets $500 on the Cows. As a result, everyone else bets all their money on the team, and they threaten Jimbo if the Cows lose. Intimidated, Jimbo and Ned seek a back-up plan and learn that John Stamos' brother Richard will be singing "Lovin' You" at half-time. Consequently, they plan to detonate the mascot for Middle Park, by placing a bomb to explode when Richard Stamos sings the high F note in the song.

When viewers first saw this bus stop ad, Badger was about to get busted for selling drugs to an undercover cop in the season two episode "Better Call Saul," which introduced the world to Saul Goodman.

Storybrooke, The Present--Emma and Henry walk down Main Street to Henry's bus stop for school. Henry likes how brave Emma is, spending time with him in spite of Regina forbidding it.

Later, at Granny's diner, Emma is drinking hot chocolate and reading a newspaper. Regina saunters in and says she knows Emma walked Henry to the bus stop, but it's all cool, because she checked into Emma's past and knows she has had seven different addresses in the past decade. Regina fully expects Emma to leave town.

Ella presents Rumple with the new contract and quill. With some over-the-top interest in the quill, and a reminder that if Ella were to try to squelch on the deal, her debt to him would only grow (and another reminder that only magic can stop him), Rumple signs. He is immediately frozen.

Elsewhere, Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) is on the scene as the grave Kayce (Luke Grimes) dug is investigated. Ashes and bones are uncovered, and the construction crew that came upon the freshly dug grave is shut down. The foreman complains, but Thomas breaks one of the bones to prove the bodies are fresh. They seal off the area, causing a work stoppage for the crew.

Abraham finally tells Marcella about the house situation, and she shuts down the idea of them living in their tour bus. He thinks that as long as they keep touring, they will be able to make ends meet. While in Idaho, they stop for the night to warm up, and Selena opens up about why she thinks they are here in the world.

Holiday(on hoverboard): Woah, woah, woah, woah! (screams, then laughs) Woah! I'm riding this thing! I'm really riding it! Woah! (the hoverboard starts to slow down) What's going on? Why is it slowing down? I'm not ready to land! (it stops completely) no, Hoverboard! Don't turn off! What's wrong with this thing? I was just starting to get the hang... of it... (docks banging together) Okay... just the docks. Not creepy at all. (footsteps) Hello? Cyrus, is that you? (takes a short pause) Hello? I can see you on the pier... whoever you are. Um, my brother's right behind me, so if you try anything...

After last week's bomb that dropped, showing Cora (Jessica Biel) was being held by a masked man in that artsy-fartsy wallpapered room we've been seeing, The Sinner took a whole new turn in realizing she has quite possibly not been responsible for her actions. But first off, we are dealing with her husband Mason (Christopher Abbott) who has been trying on his own to get to the bottom of whatever caused his wife to murder a man at the lake in Episode 1. He found the mysterious JD (Jacob Pitts) that Cora had mentioned she was with to the police but in his confrontation of the man let his emotions get the better of him and got arrested after they both got in a fight at a bar. Mason tells the police that JD deals drugs and to just bust him for that so they can have reason to question him about Cora.

In her first meeting with Cora, Dr. Chang takes her back to Carl's Taproom on July 4th and she relives being there with JD and there is also another girl there with them. A girl named Maddie (Danielle Burgess) who is JD's ex and according to Cora does not like her because of something to do with her connection to him. She then has a random insert memory as a little girl trying to go to school but the bus that is going there just drives past her and doesn't stop. Dr. Chang advises her to let it be and just focus back on the bar where Cora tells her that JD is syphoning gas off a car so they can go somewhere but she doesn't feel comfortable going with them and in addition Maddie is getting in her face and giving her attitude suggesting that Cora is trying to get rid of her. This angers her and Cora tells the doctor that all she can feel is rage as she wants to "break her into pieces." Looks like maybe JD hasn't been the only problem in all of these problems in her head. But c'mon, where's the wallpaper in these memories?! I'm sorry but it's just fun to make fun of at this point since we're dealing with flashbacks.

To improve schedule efficiency and provide more direct service, DART Bus Route 13 will serve Hatcher Station in both directions from stops on Elsie Faye Heggins Street. Route 13 will no longer use the triangular routing over Lagow and Robert L. Parish streets to enter the station on Scyene Road.

Later, Light creates a plan to discover the identity of the man following him without arousing his suspicion. He plans a date to Spaceworld with a classmate, Yuri. His tracker, though becoming less suspicious of him, follows Light onto the bus to Spaceworld, sitting directly behind the "couple." During the ride, a drug dealer and murderer named Kiichiro Osoreda who was recently in the news boards the bus and points a gun at the driver. Light hands a note to Yuri, saying that he will use a move his father taught him to knock out Osoreda. The man behind him notices and tries to talk Light out of it, but when Light accuses him of being in league with the hijacker, he eventually resorts to using his FBI ID to prove his innocence. Light drops the paper in the aisle and reaches for it, and Osoreda notices and picks up a note that contains plans for the date. However, the plans were written from a page in the Death Note, and after touching the page, Osoreda can see Ryuk. Intrigued, Ryuk walks toward him, and Osoreda panics and wastes his bullets trying to shoot him. Osoreda orders the bus to a stop and attempts to flee but is immediately struck and killed by a white sedan. As the police question witnesses and Raye Penber leaves, Light resumes the date, planning the FBI investigator's death.

Later that morning, John tells the others about Marcos' discovery that a convoy of military vehicles is taking Lorna and Reed to a military airport. Based on the route, the best place to hit it would an old warehouse district off Peachtree. John asks Clarice if she can open a portal. She explains that if the driver can see out, then she can see in, but if the bus is moving, it can get messy, meaning they have to stop the bus. Clarice suggests that Marcos melt the tires, but Caitlin objects as that would be far from subtle. Should that happen, a battle will ensue, in which people die. The goal isn't just to get Reed and Lorna, it's to get them alive. John agrees. They need to find another way to stop the bus. Unbeknownst to them, Lauren listens in on the entire discussion. 041b061a72




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