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William Franco

Language Leader Preintermediate Teachers Book Download [PORTABLE]

Students begin by reviewing key grammar structures before moving on to the more challenging structure assignments. The value of this method is that the student focuses on the structure from the very beginning, while also learning English grammar and vocabulary simultaneously. New Language Leader covers all areas of the language, including pronunciation, sentence formation, and general grammar and vocabulary, as well as the skills of reading, listening, and writing. All the new words are presented in the context of an engaging and fast-paced story that encourages retention and participation. The course contains eight four-week units, each beginning with eight lessons.

Language Leader Preintermediate Teachers Book Download


The lessons are organised into progressive units that allow students to practice the language of the texts as they progress. You choose the sequence that suits you best. The books provide a solid foundation in English language that does not require any previous learning. Each lesson in the Students' Book is accompanied by a self-study activity booklet, which contains a wide variety of activities that aim to help you enhance your learning of the new vocabulary.

I have used these books for my Preintermediate course and I have to say that they are fantastic - I learnt more about the language within 2 weeks than within a year. I keep getting better and better at speaking and writing it. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a strong course with lots of challenging practice for their students. Excellent value for money and effort invested.

I've really enjoyed using Language Leader Preintermediate and learnt a great deal about the English language. It took no time at all to master the target language. The e-learning program is very useful because it is easy to implement on a timetable and gives me an accurate assessment of my progress.




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