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Nomadic Resorts is an interdisciplinary design & project development company servicing the hospitality industry with offices in the Netherlands, Mauritius and South Africa. Using a holistic approach, we create sustainable resort and residential projects that reflect a true sense of place and fit organically into their natural surroundings as we believe that designs should serve as a bridge to connect nature, culture and people. Our team specializes in sustainable architecture, contemporary bamboo construction, treetop living concepts, tensile membrane design & engineering, regenerative landscape design, permaculture and low carbon engineering.

We are closely linked with a network of specialists in various green building and sustainable design fields including waterscape ecologists, renewable energy technicians, treetop canopy walkway and treehouse specialists, bamboo builders, aquaponics experts, permaculture designers, tree surgeons, spa consultants and structural engineers which allows us to draw on wide ranging expertise to overcome technical obstacles. We have worked on numerous luxury resorts, retreats and camps in far flung places, for amongst others Resplendent Ceylon, Six Senses resorts and spas and Soneva Group, &Beyond, Wilderness Safaris, African Bush Camps and Tri Lanka.



Nomadic Resorts is an interdisciplinary design & project de...


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